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After the session I immediately felt stronger and lighter. During the week I experienced feelings and emotions which I have always found difficult to get in touch with. I feel lighter, like many parts of me have become inttegrated and I'm more at peace in myself. I have more energy for myself and others.


I find I get so much more from your work than I did in psychotherapy. I think it's partly what you do (which will always mystify me, but it's good not to know!) and largely because you are a natural healer who makes me feel safe just by being you - and that allows the healing to take place.


Thank you so much for helping me feel like some really deep change is taking place.



Bathing in the afterglow of a fantastic massage by a truly gifted therapist.

Nina, Harrow


Abdominal Massage always fascinated me and when I finally had a treatment with Leora it definately exceeded all  my expectations! And, indeed, the post effects of the treatment are still going on! The treatment itself was quite an enchanting experience for me and especially in the hands of such a dedicated and caring practitioner as Leora. Even in the short span of a couple of months I already found improvements in PMS and menstrual pattern, but most importantly its allowed me for the first time in my life to get in touch with my female essence which had and still is having a very profound effect on me and my life.  I'm so ever grateful to God for leading me into Leora's loving hands and allowing all that awakening happening to me!

Alina, Harrow


I first met Leora and was immediately relaxed by her calm energy. We talked about having the Abdominal-Sacral massage treatment and what it would entail..mainly clothes on but accessing low down over my womb: I was slightly nervous. But needn't have been. By the time the treatment got to the womb massage my body had deeply relaxed after the sacral treatment and reassuring rocking movements. After the first complete treatment I knew what to expect for future ones...and I was looking forward to it.


I know everyone's experiences will  be different, but I was guided with gentle words

such as "go to a place feel you peaceful" and from there I went on little journeys each time, seeing different images, feeling different colours, accessing different memories. During this time it felt like Leora was supporting my journey through the unusual movements she was performing, and asking questions or keeping silent at the right times. I knew I wasn't alone even if I became tearful, and I felt in a very, very safe place. At the end of each of the last three treatments I felt immense lightness and openness, which I had been missing for a long time. I am grateful to Leora for helping me to know myself a bit better, to have my menstrual cycle return to a more peaceful place. I sincerely welcome my womb into my world.


I am much more inclined to nurture myself as a result of this specific massage, and I feel more grounded and connected to myself. I have a new deep respect for my body and its capabilities, and I am grateful to Leora for facilitating this so beautifully for me. I feel like I released many things that I was holding on to which were draining me. I will absolutely be booking Leora for more Abdominal-Sacral Massages to help me continue on my journey to being calmer and more centred.


With great love and respect.

CS, Hertfordshire


Thank you for my wonderful pregnancy massage! Words can't describe how lovely it felt (for both me and bump) you truly do have magical hands! You're so warm, caring and easy to talk to and you have always given me such great advice.

Liz, Bedfordshire


I have been having treatments  with Leora for almost three years. She was

recommended by a friend for pregnancy massage. I can't recommend Leora more

highly she is brilliant! I have had pre and post pregnancy massages even ones

when my baby's were weeks old. The treatments leave you feeling revitalised and

ready to tackle the world of work or children again having had a little bit of

you time! Leora is both patient understanding and reactive which ensures the

massage is exactly tailored to your needs. 

Mhairi, Radlett


After a prolonged period of both poor physical and emotional health, I was beginning to think that I'd never regain my energy and zest for life. That negative mindset is now a thing of the past. Becoming a regular client of Leora's has not only improved my overall well-being but restored my faith in the long-term benefits of aromatherapy.


Now, after five massages I feel like a new woman. My moods are better, I have less headaches and stomach complaints and overall, I feel far less stressed and uptight. And having suffered in silence for over twenty-five years with incredibly painful shoulder blades, my knots are finally and permanently unravelling.


I have been to many Holistic Therapists over the years and although there were usually short-term benefits, nobody else has delivered a long-term solution as successfully as Leora. Her incredible knowledge of physiology and holistic therapies combined with her calm demeanour and simply magical hands mean that clients get a whole lot more than a back rub.

Alison, Shenley



Leora has a rare skill for massage; she consistently identifies the best way of

working and uses her sensitivity and kindness  to unravel the knots and

imbalances in my body. As well as feeling fabulous, I always end a session with

more awareness, openness and respect for my body. Don't miss out on getting a

massage from this woman!

Kate, Watford


Client Comments

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