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By Leora Leboff, Apr 18 2015 06:28PM

This past week, Lisa Lister - writer, menstrual maven, and goddess of Sassy herself, birthed the book Code Red.

I was very lucky to have read an advanced copy of it and spent a day punching the air and stopping to yell excited quotes to my husband!

Code Red, overflows with Lisa's passion that every woman can have a "bloody amazing life" and that it is her womanly birth rite to do so.

Through her own menstrual awareness, Lisa has not only healed debilitating endometriosis symptoms, she has fallen infectiously in love with her cycle. With a career now dedicated to sharing her knowledge and passion, she uses her straight-talking writing talents to bring us this life-shifting gift.

Code Red is a book I honestly believe everyone should invite into their life.

For girls on the threshold of womanhood, to understand the power you can hold in your cycle and ease early menstrual problems before they take hold and dictate your month.

For women who are struggling with menstrual issues, it's never too late to heal and connect with your cycle and stand in your full power.

Women who breeze through their periods, there may be an untapped potential in your monthly cycle that can unearth creativity like you wouldn't believe.

Women without a womb or at menopause, there is a huge capacity and wisdom held within a different kind

of cycle.

Men and boys, the amount of understanding that can be gained about any woman in your life - partner, mother, sister, colleague, class mate - is immeasurable.

I truly believe this is one of those life-changing books that you just deserve to read. It's accessible, as it lays a bridge over the scientific, physical, emotional and spiritual, so there really is something for everyone. And quite frankly it's not just a book about the menstrual cycle, it's a handbook for sanity.

I wish the beautiful Lisa Lister so much success with Code Red, and all I can say with a rallying cry is read it and see for yourself!

You can read more about Lisa, The Sassy She here.

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